Sleeping Sac (aka – “The Bug”)

The Goose slept in a sleeping sack until she turned two. We started using one when she *sigh* began protesting swaddling all too early. That one was a little fleece gift that came with a set of pajamas. Then we moved to the fancy boutique ones that have two-way zippers and domes to adjust the sizes. They were fantastic and I’ll use them again for my next child – although they are quite expensive, they each lasted for more than 6 months and will make it to the next baby.

However, as she outgrew the last one and we faced purchasing the largest size they make I hesitated. I wasn’t sure how long she was going to use it for and we knew that moving to a big girl bed was right around the corner. Instead of buying one I decided to make one.

I’ve posted a quick tutorial here.


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