How To Cloth Diaper Twins (How We Do It!)

If there was any doubt about whether I would be using cloth diapers this time around, the fact that there are two babies eliminated it. When I think of going through 16 diapers a day, or a box every 4 days I cringe.

As it stands I have a combination system. We use paper diapers at night and whenever else I feel that it would be more convenient and worth the extra cost. Easy.

The rest of the time I use cloth.

While I was pregnant I had lot of sitting time and so I started sewing like a mad woman. I used Maraika’s old receiving blankets to make small prefolds and a length of sale fleece to make fuzzy covers. While the boys were newborns I only used the fleece covers, but now I add a plastic cover on top. Although this is a bit bulky, it lets me put the plastic cover on very loosly so the whole system stays super breathable.

Here is how I keep changing so many cloth diapers (The Goose is still in diapers too – stubborn child + hippy mama means late toilet training)

1. Laundry basket o’diapers. I keep all of the cloth diapers in a big laundry basket in the main room. This is where we spend most of our time (and where the boys sleep) and is thus where the diaper changes occur. If I don’t want to see this hamper then I just put it into a closet.

2. Hand washing covers. If the cover gets poopy then it goes right into the diaper pail with the prefold. But if it’s just a little smelly from urine then at the end of the day I give it a handwash. Nothing fancy. Just a quick wash with our hand soap (which is baby shampoo) and then its hung over the shower rod to dry. This certainly isn’t a time saver, but it is a money saver. By doing this, the twins have 10 covers between them and that’s more than enough to get through 7-9 days.

3. Laundry every 7-9 days. That’s right. I don’t wash my diapers every 2-3 days as is recommended. So there. I wash once a week and sometimes push it beyond even that. Does the pail get stinky. Absolutely, but no more so than it did on day 3. Does the smell stay on the diapers? I haven’t found that they’re smelly after they’ve been washed and dried. I give them a sniff test when I pull them out of the washer and if I did notice a certain aroma I would just put them through again. I’m still saving time and it’s still only one time through the dryer.

4. Easing up on myself. I felt like a failure if I put The Goose in paper once we started using cloth. I think that a big part of this was that it felt like a waste of money to have invested in the cloth and still spend money on a disposable. With the boys its different. First, I haven’t spent any new money on diapers. Second, I have twins and that means I sometimes need to make things easier on myself in order to survive the day. So, if diaper laundry needs to be done, but I don’t have time then so be it, the boys will wear disposables.


One thought on “How To Cloth Diaper Twins (How We Do It!)

  1. THANK YOU! I love that you’ve given yourself permission to use disposable and cloth! I didn’t cloth diaper my now 3-year-old but always wished I had. With my twins I waited until now (they’re almost 9 months) because I knew I was going back to work for 3 monhts and I didn’t want to buy the smaller sized prefolds if I couldn’t use them straight through. I’m cloth diapering on weekends from now until school lets out and I’ve been fretting over the washing… I’m so glad to hear that the smell doesn’t get worse after day 3 🙂 Washing is my biggest worry! I already feel less guilty that I might use disposables sometimes now too… Why are mom’s so hard on themselves???

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