The Best Sandra Boynton Books (And the Ones I’d Pass on)

I adore Sandra Boynton Books. I fell in love with them when the Goose was a baby and have so many of them memorized that I can bust out into the Belly Button Book rhymes in a moment. However, I do not feel that all Boynton books are created equally. Here are the best and the not so best . . .

The Best Boynton Books (in no real order)

Belly Button Book. It’s adorable and a great little story.

Moo Baa La La La. This is a great little book and the charming rhymes are so easy to remember you can read it without reading it.

But not the hippop0tamus. What rhymes with hippopatamus? Read to find out. Again, adorable.

Perfect Piggies. This is the newest addition to our collection and I think it’s great. For some reason I’m having a hard time remembering it, but very very cute.

The Going to Bed Book. I don’t know why I don’t own this one, we love it whenever we get it from the library.

Blue Hat, Green Hat. This book took a while to grow on me. Things turned around when I started making my “Ooops” very emphatic and The Goose at about 9 months started yipping along. 

Barnyard Dance. This is one my favourites of the favourites. It’s impossible not to read it with a southern twang.

The Not So Best Boynton Books

A to Z. I’m not in love with alphabet books to begin with, so it takes a real charmer to impress me. This is not one of those books. Although its clever enough, I just find it boring.

Doggies. Along a similar path, counting books are often disapointing to me and this one is too. Do you read all of the different barks and yips? Either you do and I challenge any parent not to get irritated by 7, or you don’t and then the book’s dull.

Opposites. Can you guess how I feel about overt concept books yet? This book’s OK. I wouldn’t reach for it over most others though.


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