Cleaning when you don’t have time to clean

I don’t have time to clean. I have a lot of kids. I have a lot of kids in diapers. I spend 1/3 of my day nursing. Yes 8 hours on my butt on the couch nursing. I wish it was as nice as it sounds.

I put up some crazy crazy post a while back when I was all light and airy with just one chid. It’s a detailed clean. Kind of Fly Lady-ish. Who has time for this? Not me.

Schedules don’t work. Routines do.

The trick for me is to pair things I don’t want to do but should do with things I have to do/want to do. I fold the laundry in the laundry room away from the family – this is 45 minutes of alone time. I clean the bathroom while The Goose is in the tub. And so on.

As for the rest – we’re tidy-ers and as for cleaning, I clean things when they’re dirty enough that I notice. I don’t clean my floor on a schedule, I clean it when I notice it’s dirty (usually when I try to pick up a Brother and he’s stuck)

The best trick that I’ve found for keeping my home clean is to invite people over regularly. Play dates, sister in law’s weekly visit, etc. And if that fails, I call in my mom.


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