First Birthday

The Goose turning one is a celebration for all 3 of us. It was a great year, and she was probably the easiest part of it, but it was a big year. So we went all out.

Being in our mid-twenties, we didn’t enter parenthood with a lot of parent-pals. So this year we’ve met a lot of new people. This meant a huge guest list of family, friends, parent-pals and their toddlers. All in all there were about 45 people crammed into our living room.

We chose to have a late afternoon party, and since there were going to be many more adults than kids, it had to be fun for everyone. We served beer and wine, as well as a spread of food that put a kid’s twist on adult favourites. And, of course, the cake . . . I mean cakes. In total there were 5, not counting the cupcakes.

The Main Cake . . .

First Birthday Cake leaning mad hatter fondant cake

I have a tutorial for this cake, plus images of the other cakes from the party here.

The Food . . .

First Birthday party food

Candy Sushi . . .

Donut and Candy Sushi

(Interested in making this? Visit the tutorial for Candy Sushi.)

The Birthday Goose . . .Before

First birthday bear cake

. . . After

first birthday with cake

The Goose got her own cake to destroy – I didn’t want to tell her that she couldn’t dive in with her hands, but I also didn’t want to subject the other guests to a man-handled cake. So this was the best solution. The teddy bear cake is a tradition from my side of the family for first birthdays.

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