Before Shots of the Nursery

The Goose’s nursery is by far my favourite room in our apartment. It is peaceful and joyful and comfortable. I have loved it through all of its incarnations.

Currently it is very full with 3 cribs, a huge doll house, a reading nook, a table, a play kitchen, and a dresser. I can’t believe everything that I fit into it. One of the biggest changes that we are making is to switch the bedrooms so that the kids have the big room and we have the small room.

But this is actually for our sake rather than theirs. I like the cozy little nursey the way it is. However, I have yet to get our room to feel right. No matterwhat I try, our room feels like it just happened. Yet, as soon as I thought about switching the rooms the layout for our new room fell immediately into place.

The plan is to keep all of the furniture. However, the rooms will have to be repainted. A new nursery mural is in the works and the old one will be painted over (*sniff*) with white for our sophisticated and cozy room.


One thought on “Before Shots of the Nursery

  1. bluebird on said:

    What a cozy little space. I am wondering about the chair. It’s an ikea chair right? Did you buy the cover or make it?

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