Before and After’s: Redecorating our Apartment on a dime

We move regularly. Or at least we used to. We’ve lived in our current two bedroom for almost 3 years now, which is a very very long time for people who are used to thinking in 8 month student terms. Since moving here the Goose has gone from infant to child and we’ve added two more babies to our family. It’s time for some major changes.

The problem. We don’t have major money. 🙂 So I’ve challenged myself to redecorate this place and make it feel like a family home designed for 5 rather than burdened with 5 all for $400.

The budget breakdown is this

$200 paint (it took planning to keep this cost low)

$100 hardware store “stuff” to do the painting and to put in shelves in the closets

$100 other

I don’t know if I can do it or not. We were fine on the paint and came in just at budget. But we’ll see if the rest can be done.

Before Shots

Living and Dining Room




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