Some Before Shots of the Living/Dining Room

I am horrible at taking before shots, so I have hobbled together some pictures that happen to show our apartment.

The dining area is one of the best examples of how my home design has suffered under the changes to our lifestyle. Notice how the blue sort of trails onto the wall and then just stops? That’s because this area used to be completely sectioned off as an office when the Goose was starting to crawl. Ditto on the cork board. Notice the fairy tale images above the door? They’re left overs from when this area was covered in mats as the Goose’s play area. The electronics have to be there because we have a projector and only one wall beige enough to use it on.

Our sofa is covered in 3 different fabrics that we’ve stuck together out of financial necessity more than anything else. The coffee table is a train table because I finally gave up and admitted that my living room is a play room 99.9% of the time.  However, this view also shows a couple to things that I really like about our apartment. I love that back bank of bookshelves, but I don’t love the mess on top. I love the dark wall on the left side with the white accents. And I love the goose’s toy shelves – they remind me of a library and that’s nice to me.

The plan is to bring it all together with a more grown up paint job, adjust the layout so that the sofa doesn’t cut the room in half, move the electronics into doored shelving, do a serious declutter and develop a more cohesive story with the accessories.


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