Why Breastfeed?

There are some good resources on why to breastfeed. Most midwives, OBs, doctors, and pediatricians encourage it. This was my experience in making the choice to start, and why I’ve continued . . .

  • Everyone seems to say they’ll try. I don’t think I’ve met a pregnant person who’s said that they don’t want to breastfeed. Most people seem to say that they’ll try and see how it goes. I joined this group when I was pregnant. I did, and still do think that women who say they will not breastfeed for any reason – including because they simply do not want to – should be supported and respected in their decision. I figured I’d see how it goes and take it from there.
  • I had a big baby. It’s not always true, but it’s often true that big babies are quick-studies when it comes to nursing. The Goose was a big girl, and nursed at the first chance she got. Having a positive first experience was a bonus, and it assured me that she and I were meant to do this . . . something that kept me going during the rough patches.
  • We ain’t got a barrel o’money. It’s free and I’d rather spend the money on a fancy dinner for us than a powdered one for her.
  • The tingly feeling. A lot of women get a feeling of euphoria when they breastfeed. It’s a great feeling.
  • Support. My midwives were in the wings  to help us become breastfeeding champs, but my mother-in-law took center stage on this one. BK’s mom is a retired obstetric nurse, and she arrived the day my milk did – just in time. She let THe Goose and I sort it out for ourselves, making small adjustments and giving encouragement.
  • Convenience. There is no denying that it is convenient. I have an ace in my pocket – no matter what comes our way, I have the perfect snack for her. It means I can just run out of the door in a flash, comfort her during a doctor’s appointment, and keep her quiet through a concert. It’s a magic wand.
  • Num-a Num-a Num-a. At 17 months, The Goose is an olympic breastfeeder, and is thinking of getting her pro card next year. Breastfeeding a toddler is even better than breastfeeding a baby. My favourite part is her looking up at me, popping off, and saying “MMMMM! Numm-a, numm-a, numma!”

zebra breastfeeding

**Afterthought** The Goose has just turned 2 and has started using little polite phrases. If  “MMMMM! Numm-a. numm-a, numm-a” was good, “Thank you mommy, Good Job” is enough to knock me over.

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