A bit more about us

I love reading this stuff about other people, so in case there were others like me coming to this site (you know who you are) I thought I’d add it.

BK and I met in University, got married when we graduated, took a couple of years off, and then went right back to school (after moving a bunch of times and having our daughter, The Goose).

We currently live in The Big City, but we met in University Town, and spent some time living in The Rainy City as well.

The Rainy City was supposed to be a pit stop before I headed for medical school and BK headed for law school. But one day we were lying in the park, enjoying the best of what the Rainy City has to offer, watching the kites fly, and sort of talking about what life would be like in 10 years. We decided we didn’t like the people who we were trying to become. For BK, the new direction was easy – he applied to music school – and we moved to The Big City.

It’s wasn’t as easy for me, but eventually I found a better career path too and luckily one of the few schools that offered my program was also in The Big City.

Going back to school in your mid-twenties is not particularly unique. But for both people to do it, and start a family at the same time is a little unconventional. We get some questions that beat around the bush, and others that are a bit more pleasingly direct –  as BK’s grandfather puts it, “I don’t understand how you put food on the table!”

I had 2 years in The Big City before I started school. I used this time to start a small business that would allow me to work from home, doing two of the things that I like to do a lot of – research and write. Now that I’m in school, I’m still able to manage this business thanks to some fantastic clients who are reliable, prolific, and easygoing.

After we had The Goose, BK started a small business of his own, in addition to the usual gigging that a Big City musician does.  His wee-gig is teaching music classes for children and their parents. The Goose and I go to every class, and it’s a nice way to spend a Saturday morning together. The Goose’s arrival also gave me an opportunity to get to know the owners of a baby shop in our neighborhood – this has yielded a ton of great ideas for toys and gear for her, plus they are good enough to employ me for a few days a week during my school holidays.

Among all of these income sources and some very creative budgeting strategies, BK and I are able to get by just fine – living like kings where it counts in one of the best neighborhoods that the Big City has.


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