Painting an Entire apartment for cheap

When we first moved in I had to paint the walls because they were builders’ beige. (gross)

We had less than no money at the time so I had to use whatever paint I could beg borrow or steal. I was pretty pleased with how things turned out, but I also didn’t have ANY furniture in the place. As we started buying furniture I found that I was having to buy things to suit the paint job and since I didn’t love the paint job, this meant my entire design was out of whack.

So the biggest thing that I’m doing is repainting.

To do it cheap – 5 cans of paint for a 800 sq ft apt I’ve decided to repeat colours throughout. Here’s the plan

  • White – kitchen, bathroom, our room, part of the nursery mural
  • Dark Grey – living room, our room, part of the nursery mural.
  • Light Grey – living room, hall, part of the nursery mural
  • Orange – kitchen backsplash, entry way, nursery mural
  • Twilight purple – nursery mural.

To this I’m adding about 3 different colours of blue that will be used in the nursery mural as well.

The goal with these colours is to be light and sophisticated, but still have a bit of personality (cue the orange)

Painting with small children is so fun!!!! You get to just focus on what you’re doing without any interruption. Plus paint fumes are so healthy that you can basically plop the open can of paint right beside the crib and not worry at all. (as you can imagine things are a bit slow going)

So far, after 10 days, I have painted the hall, bathroom, and kitchen backsplash. That leaves the kitchen, living room, and both bedrooms. Yikes.

I love the orange. Even though it classes horribly with the old taupe colour in the kitchen whenver I see the blacksplash it makes me feel so happy. I can’t wait until it’s done. The light grey is great in the living room, but it looks very purple in the hall. Hopefully new light bulbs will take care of that. The white bathroom is bright, but BORING. Maybe a new shower curtain will help.


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