The Kings Where it Counts Philosophy

The idea of being a King Where it Counts simply means truly identifying what makes you happy, makes you feel like a king, and putting your energy and resources into that first. I think we get a lot of messages about what should make us happy, so this can take a bit of internal searching to figure it out.

I’m not talking about big things, just the little ones. It’s sort of a comparison activity – what things are big pieces of your joy and what things are not?

Here are some of our examples . . . .

I feel like a king when I wear a new pair of really great heels. But a pair of fantastic jeans, doesn’t make a big impact on my happiness . . . . solution – buy cheap jeans and expensive heels!

I feel like a king when I come out of the shower and have a huge warm fluffy towel, but the type of shampoo doesn’t really matter.

BK feels like a king when he climbs into his huge bed – which is why our bed ate up the entire budget for the bedroom.

The big one, for us, of course, is that we love that we can spend so much time together as a family. We get to go to the museum in the middle of the week, our daughter is always with one of us instead of in day care, we eat breakfast together several days, we go for long walks, and so on. There would be a lot more beautiful things in our home if we worked longer hours, but there would be less of us.

This site is about picking and choosing among the clutter for those things and activities that contribute to your joy, making you a King Where it Counts.


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