The Big City Apartment #2

When we lived in the Rainy City we lived in a one bedroom apartment. With just 3 weeks notice on our move, we ended up holding a huge moving sale and selling everything that we couldn’t take with us. That left us with a mattress and a dresser, which we moved into the living room for the last couple of weeks. It turned out that we really liked one-room living, so we decided to get a studio when we moved. We spent 2 years in that studio and I loved it so much. When The Goose was 5 months old we decided to spread out into a two bedroom and that’s how we ended up in Apartment #2.

This picture shows everything that I fell in love with when I first saw Apt#2. The old hardwood floors, huge leaded windows with a tree top view of the park. It had a big fireplace and so much charm.

These honeymoon eyes kept me going as I decorated and re-decorated Apt#2. I ignored the signs that something was wrong. It was an ancient house so of course there would be the odd mouse. The odd centipede . . . . the odd 2 inch long silverfish being hunted by a centipede across my wall . . . (it would have been so interesting to see on YouTube, not great in my home)

Then there was the time I was doing laundry (did I mention it had in-suite laundry? Still shell-shocked by the amount of laundry that a baby makes, I thought I was in heaven) and I felt something furry as I reached deep into the basket. Poor little guy died suffocated among our damp towels (a better fate than the one that got cooked in the oven).

Am I painting a pretty picture? The cozy, dreamy tree house where I would curl up for hours in the afternoon sun with my baby and a book was fast losing it’s appeal.

Of course, what city girl would let go of the perfect apartment over a couple of mice? The city girl who was also getting eaten alive each night by bed bugs. I don’t know if they were there when we moved in or if they arrived from the neighboring suite after (everyone was a little vague about how long the problem had been going on). It was a nightmare (I absolutely thought I was going crazy) and although it was reasonably short-lived (we moved in in April and out in August, with a month vacation in there as well) it felt like it lasted forever.

We got out just in time, with the last threads of my sanity still in tact, some of the things that would be washed, some of the things that couldn’t be parted with. Ready to start over in a much more expensive, but bug free apartment, without any furniture.

So, Apartment #2, what used to be our Tree House, is now only referred to as The Shit Hole.

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