Mad Hatter Fondant Cake Tutorial

When I made the cake, way back when, I didn’t have the foresight to take pictures of the process. But I have included detailed instructions that will hopefully help you to create this cake.

mad hatter fondant cake

A note of caution . . . .my cake toppled. Just before we were about to sing happy birthday to The Goose, I was in the kitchen and I heard my sister-in-law give a little yelp. I didn’t need to look to know what had happened. I made the cake the day before and had spent a sleepless night hoping that it would survive to the party. Learn from my mistakes and hopefully yours will survive!

  1. Bake 2 cakes each of three different sizes to make 3 tiers.
  2. After the cakes have cooled, take one of each size and cut on a diagonal from the top of one side to the bottom of the other. This will give you 2 wedges of each size. Flip one wedge over and set it on the other and you have a sloped cake.
  3. Carefully cut a circle out of each of your 2 largest sloped cakes – sort of making them into a big sloped doughnut. The circle will be size of the next smallest cake. (Get it? When you stack the tiers they each fit into the doughnut hole, resting on a flat surface) You can make these holes in the center of the cake or off to the sloped side.
  4. Starting with your largest cake begin to assemble. Place your intact largest cake on the working surface and ice the top. add the bottom sloped piece, and again ice the top. Add your top sloped piece.
  5. You can now ice this tier and place base fondant layer. Make sure that your fondant clings snuggly to the hole that you cut.
  6. Moving the middle tier, assemble in the same way, repeating steps 4 and 5. When covering this cake with fondant, try to cover the bottom as well.
  7. Using a bit of water as an adhesive, secure the second tier into the hole on the bottom tier.
  8. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the top tier and then add to the cake with step 7.
  9. Now you can finish decorating your leaning mad hatter cake!

What I would do differently next time . . .

  • This time around I tried to use just buttercream icing to secure the tiers. Next time, I would put fondant around the entire top tiers so that the cake is secured with fondant on fondant.
  • This time around I had both of the upper tiers leaning in the same direction. Next time, I would have them leaning in opposite directions for a bit more stability.

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