Birthday Party Ideas for our Special little Girl

My birthday is the day after new years day.  You can imagine how much attention it gets. The result of being raised with such a  dud of a birthday has been this weird hybrid where I’m profoundly uncomfortable with parties in my honour (I’ve survived a wedding and two pregnancies without ever having a shower, although the last one was close) and yet I LOVE going to parties and especially throwing them for other people. Cue me having a little one to throw parties for and I’m in heaven. The Goose even had a bonus birthday last year because I thought she should experience what it’s like to have a summer birthday at the cottage. You can’t have too many.

In getting ready for her to turn three I had to prepare for the possability that we would have our hands very full with the twins. Just in case, I started planning about 6 months ahead so that come her birthday I would just have to follow the plan or even have someone else do it (grandma!) if I couldn’t. After all that everything was fine and the boys were very good, but I sort of liked being so prepared.

The Goose is in love with ballet right now so I threw a ballerina themed party, leaning heavy toward Swan Lake.

Every year I try to top myself in terms of making a rolled fondant cake. This year I cut myself some twin-slack and just stuck to things I had already learned to do. This means that the cake is sort of a variation on last years. The one thing that I did new was to make a Fondant Tiara. This was easier than it looks.  And I definitely flubbed the swan – I’ve never been very skilled at making or drawing living things. But meh. You could tell what it was supposed to be.

The smaller cake is a tradition that we have here. It started at the Goose’s first birthday. Basically it’s a cake for her to destroy as she see’s fit.

You can also see the marshmallow wands. These are another carry-over from last year and I think they’ll be a tradition because they’re pretty fabulous. Totally simple to make.

The decorations were very simple and again, carry overs from last year. Just clusters of pearl balloons with dangling ribbon. This year I added sillouettes of ballerinas in different poses. I drew and cut these out of cardstock, but there were plenty of online ones that you could print.

I also reused her happy birthday banner that I made last year and hung tissue paper flowers in front of the window.

It’s such a small space that this was enough to fill it up.

As for the party menu, I like to take either adult food and make it kid friendly or take kid food and fancy it up. This year I did homemade mac and cheese with fancy hotdogs.


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