Ikea Hack: Billy bookcase into a bench

I love Ikea Hacks, as long as their quick. I also love the Billy bookcase, it’s a bit of an obsession that I’m trying to ween myself off of. The thing with the Billy is that it’s inexpensive and seems to just fit perfectly everywhere that I need it to. They’re not the best quality, but in spite of it, they’re really hard working. I’m a fan.

So, I’ve always loved low benching with storage shelves beneath. Ikea won’t seem to make any that are the right colour, price, and dimensions for my home. The last time I rearranged I had a pair of the short narrow Billy’s without a home. Problem solved.

ikea billy hack

Here’s how to do the hack

  1. Remove the base trim from each of the shelves
  2. Turn them on their side, matching the bottom’s together.
  3. You’re DONE!

I haven’t secured the internal shelves, although I plan to do that (*someday*). Instead I filled them with really big heavy books that needed a place to live, but that don’t get read very often. If it becomes permanent, I may upholster the top, but for now, a few pillows cover any sign that these are really shelves.


3 thoughts on “Ikea Hack: Billy bookcase into a bench

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  2. How sturdy are these as a bench? Thanks!

  3. kingswhereitcounts on said:

    They are very sturdy! They are fine to be sat on by an adult or walked along by a child. We’ve actually turned them back upright in our last redecoration and they don’t seem any worse for the wear.

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