Review of Jez Alborough Books

Jez Alborough is one of my favourite authors and illustrators at this stage in book reading with The Goose (she’s two). Some of his books are wordless and some are rhyming stories. All of them have very sweet illustrations and enjoyable stories. The wordless books are fantastic at telling a good story without the use of many, if any, words.

These books are roughly ordered by our favourites

The Duck in the Truck

This may be my favourite children book of all time. The story is hilarious, the rhyming is really well done (does anyone else hate forced rhymes? well this book has a very natural flow to it). There are several animals and a really funny ending. The book may not have a moral or any real lesson, but it’s one that an adlt and a child can both enjoy.


Jez Alborough’s books are all incredibly sweet, I haven’t met one yet that I didn’t love. Although Duck in the Truck is without contest our favourite, Tall and Hug are both close seconds. Tall follows a little monkey as he compares his short self with taller animals in the jungle. A great book for looking at “tall” vs “small”.


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