Children Wordless Book Reviews

Here are reviews of children books that are wordless (pictures only!)

When The Goose was still an infant I started looking for some children books to start her library. I came across some wordless books and, frankly, I didn’t get them. I thought I would never “read” them to her. Then, as she grew, I realized that we spend a lot of time looking at books. Now she “reads” the story to me. So, now I love wordless books – they’re illustrated to tell the entire story through images, making these books the pros for child-led storytime.

I’ve roughly ordered these reviews by our favourites

Wave (Suzy Lee)

Oh my. This book is so simple looking that it may be easy to pass over the first time. Then you “read” (it’s wordless) it once and then again and then it dawns on you that this book is not simple, it’s magnificently complex and very concise. Suzy Lee doesn’t seem to waste a single stroke of her pencil. The little girl at the sea side has so much emotion and movement that you start to forget that she is sketched. The story is amazing as well, and with the clear emotions of the girl, the waves, her mother, and the seagulls, there’s lots of story packed into this wordless book.

So Many Circles, So Many Squares (Tana Hoban)

Perfect for reading just for sake of it, this book is also outstanding for a child who is learning about circles and squares. Stunning photos of everyday scenes present a look-and-find for the shapes.

Tall (Jez Alborough)

Jez Alborough’s books are all incredibly sweet, I haven’t met one yet that I didn’t love. Although Duck in the Truck is without contest our favourite, Tall and Hug are both close seconds. Tall follows a little monkey as he compares his short self with taller animals in the jungle. A great book for looking at “tall” vs “small”.


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