Simple Plan For a Mom’s Hair

My decision to take a planned attack on my image wasn’t because I felt that there was something really wrong with my appearance – it’s more of a preventative approach. I don’t know if everyone feels this way, but after having a baby (or babies in my case) I have a bit of a lull and then suddenly I’m motivated to make some changes. With the goose, this meant chopping off all my hair.

This time I thought I’d put the energy to better use (and save my hair).

I spoke to my hairdresser and was honest about what I wanted – better hair – and what I needed from the plan. After understanding that my plan needed to be affordable, easy, and respectful of my desire to be natural here is the advice she gave.

1. Frequent cuts. Every six weeks to remove dead ends is the advice she initially gave, but at $70 a cut I can’t afford that. Which is part of the reason she only sees me twice a year. The solution? Get trims at cheaper places and get styles with her.  I still doubt I’ll be able to do it every 6 weeks, but even every 3 months would be an improvement.

2. Better Products. I use a combination of natural products and drug store ones as I am searching for great natural products to take over. She pointed out that natural products simply don’t moisturize as well and that is something my hair needs. The solution is to continue using natural products, but use a moisturizing treatment once a week.

3. Realistic Style. The reality is that I will not blow dry and straighten my hair every day, but I will do it sometimes. I needed a cut that looked good after it air dried and after I’d styled it.

Here’s how the plan gets put into action

1. I will book in time for a cheap trim for myself in 3 months and then see my stylist 3 months after that.

2. No daily washing! I have a shower cap now and will use natural products every other day, with a special treatment once a week.

That’s it! Hair cure done.


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