Sleeping Sack Tutorial

Here’s how to sew a sleeping sac quickly. It’s a tutorial, not a sleeping sac pattern, but I think you’ll find it easy.

My mom had already made us a similar item out of fleece for in the stroller, so she was big help in creating the pattern.

Here’s what you need:

  • A pillowcase – I used a king sized fleece one, because she’s so big.
  • Snap domes
  • Fabric for lining if you’d like to line it.

I laid out the old bug as a template to work from. However, you’d be able to do this freehand very easily. It is simply a sac with arm holes and a neck hole. Just make sure that the width between the arms is roughly your child’s chest measurements. I left the bottom of the sac, the same width as the pillow case. You can scroll down to see a full sized image of the finished sac.

How to make a sleeping sac

sleep sac tutorial

I wasn’t happy with the arm hole that I drew freehand, so I used a plate to get a more accurate curve. If you are making a sleep sac without one as a template, this will help.

sleep sac tutorial

After you’ve drawn the shape, pin along the drawn lines and cut through both sides of the pillowcase. I pinned because the fabric is light and shifts easily.

how to make a sleep sac

After cutting the pillow case, you may choose to line it. You can do this my simply cutting a second pillow case at the same time. I used a stained tank top of mine to line it because I only wanted to line the top. Cut your lining and then sew it into your sac folding in the seams. (Doing it this way, you aren’t going to be able to turn it, so you do not sew right sides together. Simply fold your seam allowance in and sew with the right sides facing out. The seams won’t be invisible, so you may want to use matching thread)

When you’re sewing, be sure to reinforce the seams on the pillowcase, both along the sides and across the top.

how to sew a sleep sac

Next, you need to add domes to the top of each shoulder. And you’re done!

I added a little horse to the front out of scrap fabric, because The Goose is horse obsessed.

how to sew a sleeping sac

Here it is on the model.

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