Feeding a Family from a Balcony Garden

In past years I have grown mostly flowers on my balcony, with a few easy fruit and vegetables in containers for fun. This year, our small family chose to go organic and growing our own food was a cheap and inexpensive way to eat organic.

The first thing we did is purchased a couple big storage bins. We chose the kind that have ridged bottoms, rather than flat ones. This let us drill drainage holes in the elevated parts. We then set the bins on their own lids as drain trays and filled them with soil. Now we have very study, very cheap, very deep garden containers that are perfect for vegetable growing.

container gardening

As it stands, we have 3 bins, two round planters, 2 rail planters, and a bunch of small pots. In them we are growing:

  • Bin #1. Beans, both broad beans and green beans, flowering sweat peas, nasturtium, and green onion.
  • Bin #2. Daisies (my mother’s day gift this year), radishes, carrots, spinach, and more flowering sweet peas.
  • Bin #3. More beans, green onion, a few pepper plants, and a few edible pea plants.
  • Round Planters. Lots of pepper plants and a few edible pea plants.
  • Rail Planters. Green garlic.
  • Small pots. Basil, mint, dill, lavender, thyme, rosemary, lots of green garlic, aloe, and more nasturium.

Most of our small pots are recycled bean tins that I have cleaned and hammered holes into. They rest on the plastic lids from yogurt containers.

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