During the summer months we have a very laid-back schedule. It won’t be like this forever, but right now it’s amazing.

During the school year, things get very hectic. BK and I are both full-time students (at universities that are on opposite sides of the city), we each run small businesses, and we both have part-time jobs on top of that – not to mention taking care of our home and our baby.

Last year was the first year that all of these things merged together and surprisingly it worked out very very well. Our Tuesday schedule is my favourite example of what our life was like . . . We all got up around 7, BK left for school by 8, The Goose and I spent the morning taking care of the home and playing. At 11:45 The Goose and I waited for the last car on the eastbound subway to open, BK would exit as I entered and handed him the baby. I would continue on the subway to my university and BK would take The Goose home for a nap (he’d clean, practice, make dinner, and so on). Between classes I would do homework and manage any work I had for business clients, then I would come home in time to eat dinner with him before BK to left for a residency gig that took place every week. I would put the baby to bed, do homework, and wait for BK to get home so that we could have a 1/2 hour face time and then go to bed ourselves. Other days were variations on the same theme – although many of them had more time for BK and I to spend together.

This year will be more of the same. It sounds crazy, but it’s just unconventional. Instead of both of us going from 9-5 (or 8-6, as the new trend seems to be) we are a bit more scattered. It has its perks – we maybe didn’t get to see each other much on Tuesday nights, but Thursday mornings we would hang out over coffee and walk to do our weekly groceries.

The best bonus of it all . . . The Goose is not in daycare. She is always with one of us.

Here are some more posts about our schedule and how we manage it:


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