BK and I began to make a strong effort to eat healthy a few years ago. We never ate organic though, at least not with any consistency. I’m sure our reasons will sound familiar to many readers – it is expensive, it’s not regulated enough, it must be a bit of a scam, it can’t make that much of a difference.

Then, when  The Goose was about 13 months, I read an article by ecologist and mother, Sandra Steingraber, for school. The article was an excerpt from her book Having Faith: An Ecologist’s Journey to Motherhood. Beautifully written and very thought provoking, this sealed the deal on organic food for my family. Now, I have responses to all of those previous reasons – it just has to make a difference; there may be some scams – but not everywhere; turns out there is a lot of regulation that you can trust if you educate yourself . . . but what about the expensive part?

BK and I are both students. We have a scattered income from each of our small businesses, awards, gigs, odd jobs, etc – and it works – but only if we stick to a tight budget. This means that we spend between $80 and $100 each week on food. For some, this may actually sound like a ton of money to spend on food – for others this may sound ridiculously low. For us it was just right – before we started organic.

All of a sudden our cost of milk was going to triple, the cost of vegetables was going to double, and prepared organic food was completely out of our price range. But we made it work, and this section will share how.

*After Thought* – – –  We’ve been away visiting family for 1 month and enjoyed the food that was shared with us – I was almost tempted to return to the old ways and eat less expensive, higher convenience food.

Tonight was our first day back, and while I loved and appreciated the food we ate while we were away, our dinner tonight reminded me why we care so much about what we eat. It was a very very simple meal, because of how incredibly hot it is here – green salad, corn on the cob, and aged cheddar cheese. But the ingredients were so amazing, everything fresh, local, and organic – it made me realize that by eating the way we do, every meal is a great experience.

Think about eating in a fabulous restaurant and how much you appreciate every bite – shouldn’t every meal be like that?


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