Review of the Best Stroller

We live in a neighborhood where Bugaboo’s abound. This is actually very good for us, it means that our $300 stroller isn’t likely to become a target for theft.

The Bugaboo was never going to top our wish list, and not just because it’s more expensive than anything else we own. We needed a jogging stroller – not just to give the impression that we jog, but actually because Ben does (and I have . . . twice). The stroller that we ended up asking for and receiving as a gift is a jogger from Safety First.

Here are some reasons why I fell in love with this stroller and why I still love it:

  • Large basket (we don’t have a car, so the stroller was going to replace the granny cart on grocery trips). We have abused this stroller beyond belief and it’s still doing a great job. It holds a lot of weight with the baby, a full basket, and a ton of bags on the mommy hooks.
  • Stationary front wheel. I got a great tip – don’t buy a 3-wheel stroller with a rotating (you know what I mean – the wheel obviously rolls vertically, but it doesn’t spin on a horizontal axis) wheel, because if you come to a curb, the wheel won’t push up and over, it will turn sideways and jam.
  • Flippable seat. Maraika can sit facing us or facing out. It’s not a flippable handle like the bugaboo, but it’s the same idea.
  • Canopy window. The sunshade has a little plastic window in the top. This is great, because we can have the sunshade over her and still peak in – which was especially handy when she was wee.

Some of the things that could be downfalls about our stroll, but aren’t for us:

  • Because the front wheel does not rotate on the horizontal axis, we have to push down on the handle to elevate the wheel to turn it. Our stroller is definitely not as smooth to maneuver as others I’ve tried – but we don’t find it to be a drawback – we use the stroller everywhere, including crowded small grocers.
  • The long length. This stroller is very long. It took some getting used to, because with the shade over the baby, you can’t see the front wheel. I ran into a few ankles before I got the knack of it.

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