Quick Fix: Baby Proofing the Fan!

We use our fan for keeping the apartment cool in the summer (no air conditioning here!), but we also use it year round as a white-noise machine. The Goose and I are both incredibly light sleepers so having a fan running in the hall helps keep things peaceful.

The problem with fans is that every time I look at them I see little chubby fingers getting mangled. And every time she looks at a fan she sees a great place to put her fingers.

The solution was simple and only took a lingerie bag from the dollar store

baby proof fan

I just found a lingerie bag that was the right size for our squat little fan and pulled it over. I zipped it up underneath, leaving only enough room for the cord to come out. The bag is roomy enough that we can still turn the knob to adjust the settings. Of course, she could play with it long enough to get the bag off, but that sort of quiet industrious behaviour is quickly noticed in this home!

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