Shopping List for Twins Revisited

Before the twins were born I made a list of must-have items and a list of items that were not going to come within a mile of our home. We’re at the 5 month mark and I wanted to revisit that list to see how reality played out.

  • Stroller. Our stroller is killer amazing. The boys still cuddle up in the bassinet. It has double function, not only does it allow me to push all 3 kids in one compact stroller, it also tricks people into thinking that I only have 2 kids so we get a lot less twin-tention. And they love it. They sleep like little angels as soon as we start moving.
  • Bouncy seat. BK used this to bounce one with his food while he bounced the other in his arms while I had a few moments of not nursing a baby. We didn’t end up needing a second.
  • Swing. We not only purchased a second swing, but also a third. The swing became invaluable so I bought a second one new. This new swing was delux! And so amazing that the babies started sleeping in the swings at night (and sleeping through the night!) It also put the first swing to shame. I couldn’t find this one on sale again so I bought a less delux model that still cradled well. Then about a week later they started sleeping without motion and haven’t really been in the swings since. Go figure.
  • Moses Basket. The babies slept in this for a few weeks. We were able to put it between us in the bed which was nice. Although we didn’t use it for long, I’m really glad to have had it.
  • Cloth diapers. So happy with our diapering system.
  • 1 week of sleepers and no outfits. These are some clean little babies. There are often times when I find myself changing them because I just feel that a full day in an outfit is long enough, even though the outfit is still pristine. At 5 1/2 months they own three outfits that aren’t sleepers and they rarely get worn. I love the sleepers on them – comfortable and easy.
  • Flannel blankets. In the start we went through these like crazy for spit up and swaddling. Now I use maybe one a day for spit up. I think I have more than 15 of them and was glad for it in the early days.
  • Car seats. Have used them twice – once to come home from the hospital and one other time.
  • Snowsuits. We haven’t used these much. The boys are covered in heavy duty blankets in the basinet of the stroller instead. But if I carry one or both in the sling then we use them, so I’m glad we have them.
  • A second bumbo is a must, especially now that they’re eating from a spoon.
  • I never got the knack of using the wrap style sling. But I do love carrying one in the smaller pouch sling, or both together in the larger one.

As for the Do Not Buy List, the only thing that I found that we needed was a bathtub. We just bought a bucket style bathtub. The boys have bad eczema and need 3 baths a day (!!!!!!) to treat it.

So, I still stand by my original premise that you shouldn’t buy things until you need them because you never know what you’ll actually need and use. I do wish I had bought two of the delux swings when they were on sale, but other than that this philosophy seems to have served us well.


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