About KWC

I’m S, a 20-something living in Toronto with my husband, BK, and our daughter, The Goose. We haven’t got a lot, but we love what we’ve got, and this blog captures it all.

As an obsessive researcher and system-maker, I am constantly coming up with solutions to help the three of us get everything we need out of life. I hope this blog helps others to do the same.


“Kings where it counts” is a phrase that popped out of my mouth a couple of years ago and it sums up my small family’s values and how we live. Being a king where it counts means having the best when it matters and knowing when it doesn’t. It means that we have the most comfortable king size bed that we could find, but the rest of our bedroom furniture is a bit of mismatch. It means that we don’t dine out often, but when we do, we go to a favourite place and have the best time possible. It means careful prioritizing and really getting to know what makes your family happy – and then actually living to meet those needs, even if it means going against some common conventions.



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