Review of Crayola Color Bubbles (Crayola Colour Bubbles)

We had a playdate in the park today with a friend who has a daughter the Goose’s age and a son the Brothers’ age. She brougt Crayola Color Bubbles. I had already heard not so great things about them – like that the colours were kinda gross and they got all over everything.

Yup. The colours are kindof gross and they get all over everything. C looked at me said “how are you doing with this?” My nerosis was in hyperdrive, controlled over by reassurance that the Goose was dressed head to toe in rain wear.

The spill proof top means that the bubbles won’t poor out if the bottle tips, but it also means that the bubble wand creates a splatter pattern whenever it’s pulled out. The bubbles themselves are quite boring for the kids. After the initial “WOW They’re Pink!” it’s just bubble blowing as usual. The bubbles themselves are not superior, they don’t have the staying power of a glycerine bubble. And MY OH MY do they get everywhere. They leaked THROUGH her rain pants. Ouch. let’s just say that Crayola uses the term “washable” loosely. The colour can’t be seen on her dark top, but her light pants are now painting pants thanks to the pinkish hue.

I didn’t see any benefit to this product.

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